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Halo 3 Promotional Marketing Materials

Halo 3 is getting closer and closer and with it comes all the marketing and hype. This first batch of marketing materials is cool, but really just a rehash of the Ark seen in the initial Halo 3 trailer. Still worth seeing and checking out. For those Halo fans out there stay tuned for more on Graduate Games Bounty Hunter game. Yes it is more like Metroid, but it still has a lot of sci-fi elements taken from a plethora of inspirations. The game's story is actually becoming more mythic and historic (pulling a lot of stuff from Roman Empire, classics, celtic...let's just say thank god for Wikipedia). I'm hoping to get an Alpha of the Demo online in a couple weeks or months or whatever to get feedback. Hopefully, people will take some time out of their Halo 3 Beta playing to give us some feedback. Anyways, cheers and sorry for the lack of reviews, but developing is taking over. I'll still do at least one a week though.

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