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MR. Robot PC Review

Mr. Robot immediately impresses with its visual style and presentation. The dialogue is witty and funny, and the different robots even exude personality. It’s a more traditional style RPG and the battles are nothing to rave about, but the room puzzles are fun and all in all Mr. Robot is a solid package.

Gameplay: 8/10
Pros: The game is very well-tuned and tweaked and all the menus etc. are easy to navigate. The buttons are simple: Action and Jump and the game is instantly playable. The game offers a pretty engaging and enjoying little story and the RPG battles are more traditional, but succinct and fun.
Cons: The isometric view makes moving around Mr. Robot a little awkward. I found the Mouse control to be very poor and clunky and switched to the keyboard to move around and jump, etc. In my opinion, the other weakpoint of the gameplay is the generic, traditional RPG battles, though I have to admit they are well spread out.

Graphics: 9/10
Pros: Definitely one of the strongest aspects of this title, the graphics are great and have a nice 3D feel to them. I am especially fond of all the robot animations which are incredibly fluid. The robots really come to life.
Cons: The battles take place in cyber space which apparently doesn’t look as good as real space. The textures, spaceship look gets repetitive.

Sound/Music: 8/10
Pros: No complaints…it all fits within the genre and game
Cons: I would’ve loved to see some voice work because the dialogue is already really funny and witty and could’ve really excelled and amplified the experience if the personalities could’ve come through more with different voices. It’s understandable that an Indie studio doesn’t contract such work though.

Lasting Appeal: 8/10
Pros: I have to admit that I don’t like Mr. Robot as much as Moonpod’s first title, Starscape, but Mr. Robot is a very refined and delightful title. The story is stronger than Starscape’s and the writing is really topnotch.
Cons: It’s an RPG and I’m not sure if you’ll want to play the story over an over again since the battles, I found to be somewhat tedious and too “old school.” It lacks the inventive real time engines of the newer RPGs like Final Fantasy X, Grandia, etc.

Average: 82.50%
Tilt: +0.50%

Indie RPGs are very difficult to execute and even harder to execute well. The scope of Mr. Robot is perfect: it takes place on a massive ship- with a finite area and sectors to cover. The thing that really keeps you playing Mr. Robot is the writing and personalities of all the robots. They really are all quite charming. This game is simply charming, and while it’s $5 more than most Indie Titles, the production values, graphics, presentation, etc. all make it an understandable increase in price and quality.

Verdict: 83%

Visit the Moonpod Website to Download the Demo or Buy Mr. Robot

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