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A little more than a week left for Coed Competition

Right now there's not a lot of competition for the Coed Crazy Win Cash Giveaway. I believe the top score is currently held by moleman who reached only the 6th level! Want to get paid $5, play Coed Crazy (which is a completely innocent game) for I don't know...10 minutes and you'll probably take the lead for a $CASH$ payoff to be given out next Friday! Where else can you get paid and earn money for playing free games? No, honestly, tell me because I would so do it.

Also sorry for the slower Review Schedule but since the review queue is shorter... the pressure to get it all done is reduced. Plus, our new game is really starting to crank and I'm spending more time developing rather than reviewing. Look for Screens, Beta/Demo Testing soon. I want everything right before we move onto the level design etc.

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fatherkrishna said...

Hold my coat I'm going in...