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Joust Xbox Arcade Mini Review

Joust is the other free game that Microsoft provided me with. It is much better than Frogger, but maybe that's just because Joust is more action oriented. The fact remains that the game is a direct port of a twenty year old arcade game. Again, all the developers have done is slapped some achievements on this old game and addes a new menu and some Xbox Live functionality. Yes, Joust is a better game Frogger, but where's the classic mode, and an updated graphics mode. When xbox live arcade games can look like Cloning Clyde, Outpost Kaloki, or RoboBlitz (hello?) there's really no reason these older games shouldn't get a facelift. I'd be all for just porting old games to the arcade for free, but if you're going to make us pay for them add some features, and update them a little. Joust is better than Frogger...or maybe I'm just better at it. Still not worth your purchase.

Verdict: 50%

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