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More Halo with your Crackdown sir?

so yes, Crackdown is out and actually fun, but when is the Halo 3 Beta going to activate? and when is Halo 3 going to be available in stores. Well, if you look back a couple posts, you'll see that Halo 3 is confirmed for Fall guess is somewhere in November right before the holidays a la Gears of War. Bungie has said the Halo 3 Beta will be available in Spring though they said it might be late spring in their last weekly update. In order to satisfy your Halo 3 appetite below is a leaked video of the alpha. It mainly shows off the weapons, some familiar and some not so familiar. The new mongoose ATV looks sweet...does anyone believe that this wasn't an allowed leak? I mean it shows off no surprises and everything in it has already been announced by Bungie- still worth watching though.

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